Every local union has an elected executive to run its day to day affairs. Our Executive Board consists of a President, 2 Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, and several Stewards. The duties of all Local 723M Executive Board members are in accordance with the provisions of the Unifor Constitution and the Local Bylaws.

These members volunteer their time and commitment to help improve working conditions for everyone. Please contact any member of the Executive Board if you have any questions or concerns regarding the workplace.
Local 723m Officers

Angelo Contarin


Phone: 416.347.5379

Email: angeloc@unifor723m.org

Carl Davis

Vice-President, Operations Division

Phone: 416.578.0256

Email: carld@unifor723m.org

Rinaldo Boni

Vice-President, Production Unit, Chair of Elections Committee

Phone: 416.358.2864

Email: rinaldob@unifor723m.org

Kat Leonard

Vice-President Bell Media Unit

Phone: 416.937.7528

Email: katleo@unifor723m.org

Frank Barron


Phone: 416.409.6497
Email: frankb@unifor723m.org

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Stewards, Bell Media

Angie Kapetanou


Phone: 416.804.7478

Email: angiek@unifor723m.org

Ronda Benjamin


Phone: 416.931.9816

Email: rondab@unifor723m.org

Sandra Benain

Steward, Chair of Welfare and Education Committee

Phone: 416.985.2659
Email: sandrab@unifor723m.org

Adam Slinn


Email: adams@unifor723m.org

Mike Nguyen


Phone: 416.898.6627
Email: miken@unifor723m.org

Marco D'Aloisio


Phone: 416.729.2087

Email: marcod@unifor723m.org