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Unifor EFAP (Employee Family Assistance) programs address issues and needs from addiction to other matters where members or their families may benefit from referral to professional services. Life can be a series of challenging events and changes within ourselves, and sometimes a little outside assistance can help us overcome them. Your local EFAP committee is a team of individuals available to you and your family. We offer safe confidentiality and referral services. If you would like to have a casual conversation, we can do that. If you feel as though you could benefit from speaking to a professional, we can point you in the right direction. You can call on us to chat, to listen, to brainstorm, and you can count on us to uphold your privacy. 

Please refer to our resources links and call on us any time through the general email or reach out to a member of the committee individually: 



Planet Fitness daily free classes via facebook page

Soul Cycle - free classes (no bike required) posted daily - weekly schedule posted

YMCA has all their classes online for free


TIFF and Crave partner for movie nights with special guests


Eventbrite is a good resource for live events. Set filters for date, type of event and price (‘free’ is an option)


Harvard has a number of courses online for free

Yale - Selection of free classes

Code Academy - 180 hours free coding classes

Coursera - free online classes

Activities for Kids

Tons of available suggestions, probably a lot of overlap: here are the most visited articles - quarantine/ (they also have a great list of sites for free learning for children: resources-for-kids-to-help-you-school-at-home)





Other resources

Toronto-specific, here’s an app that is a bevvy of resources in itself: (includes sections on how to help others, where to look if you yourself need help, mental health and physical health resources, activities for kids and adults, etc)

Mental Health

Download National Covid-19 Mental Health PDF health-guide
Helpful information for everyone

Addictions Support

If you or someone you love has a problem.

AA Helpline (24/7) - 416 487 5591

NA helpline (24/7) - 1 888 811 3887


AA Toronto/GTA - some meetings have been cancelled but lots have moved to online

NA - Some cancelled meetings and some moved online

Alcoholics Anonymous for Agnostics - all meetings have moved online

How to help Seniors

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