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Unifor Human Rights

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Unifor is dedicated to celebrating contributions of our diverse membership, and we are asking for your help.  The easiest way to celebrate our diversity is to recognize not only our top leadership in our locals but also some of our activist leaders who do work in their communities and within Unifor.

We are asking you, as locals, to send us bios and pictures of activists from your local.  We ask that the bio is no more than 150 words as it will be profiled along with other activists and leadership. The pictures will be shared on our Unifor Equity page. The photos will also be used in as a collage of pictures to be displayed as artwork in Port Elgin. 

 Please forward the bios and pictures no later than February 7, 2020 to .

Photos for the bio need to be;

Headshot (chest or neck up)

Alone in the photo

No obstructions (hats, sunglasses etc.)

High resolution

February is Black History Month and we will do the same for May - Asian and South Asian Heritage Month and for June - National Indigenous Peoples Day. 


Christine Maclin

Director, Human Rights

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