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A messgae from your Unifor National President

Dear members,

For all of our lives, we’ve heard conservative politicians (and sometimes liberal ones) fear-monger about government deficits and debt. No matter the circumstances, they claim that disaster will strike if our provincial or federal government runs a budgetary deficit.

There’s just one problem with that theory—it’s wrong! Over the last fifty years, economists have learned that short-term deficits can help turn a struggling economy around, and equally as important, protect those most vulnerable in a weak economy.

Read more in Unifor’s new research document Myth-busting government debt: How deficits and spending foster growth. This tool will help you make the argument to anyone who needs to hear it: now is not the time for austerity.

Please share this resource widely to help dispel these widely misunderstood economic realities.

In solidarity,

Jerry Dias National President

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