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In Canada, we mark December 6th recognizing the anniversary of the Montréal Massacre. There are many events going on across the country to recognize women lost to gender-based violence. Increasingly, many events are also calling on us to recognize the role sexism plays in allowing violence to occur. The federal government’s message on social media this year is that #ActionsMatter.  If you are on social media, please share these messages.  

We are sharing Unifor's December 6th statement. To read it and share it, please visit:

Committees and local leaders have told us they want to lead discussions on sexism and violence. To assist this, we've produced discussion notes that can be used at December 6th events, particularly by male leaders, to encourage ending sexism and violence:

We have launched a campaign to have Paid Domestic Violence Leave in each of our collective agreements and in the law in all provinces and federally.  Take a look at our guide here: and join us in making this a reality.

Locals ordered posters and buttons asking us to Challenge Sexism, End Violence.  These posters can be used year round, not just for December 6.  If you’d like to order more, please use this order form:

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