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To all members,

I am excited to tell you about the launch of Unifor’s ‘I Shop Canada’ campaign to promote the purchase of products manufactured in Canada with the goal of creating and maintaining good jobs.

I Shop Canada is about making a choice at the cash register to use our collective consumer purchasing power to aid workers in our communities and across the country.

This online awareness campaign is in response to the escalating trade war with the United States and the growing sentiment among Canadian consumers to support homegrown industries. I Shop Canada provides a social media platform for consumers from coast-to-coast to share information on their favourite made-in-Canada goods and services.

This initiative is designed to actively promote Unifor made products and hospitality services. I encourage all members and locals to join in the campaign to get word out on the quality items and services that you work hard to produce each day.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Take a picture of your Canadian-made purchase, or if you manufacture a product take a photo with your co-workers!

  2. Post the image on Twitter using the #IShopCanada hashtag

  3. Share the image on the I Shop Canada Facebook page

If you are one of our many service or hospitality members or if you plan on vacationing or enjoying local activities in Canada this summer you can also share your experiences using the #IPlayCanada hashtag.

By choosing to shop or play Canada you are investing in good paying jobs while also providing a boost to the economy.

Want to tell your friends about the campaign? Visit the IShopCanada Facebookpageto add a frame to your profile picture to let your friends and family know that you support workers in Canada. On Twitter make sure to tag in @IShopCA and @UnifortheUnion so your posts can be easily shared. You can also email your pics to the communications department at

The campaign kicks off tomorrow, Thursday June 28 just ahead of the July 1 date for the imposition of Canadian counter-duties against the U.S. 

Together we can make a difference – one purchase at a time. Let’s get #IShopCanada trending by Canada Day.

In solidarity,


Jerry Dias

National President

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